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Horizon  Benchtop EDXRF Spectrometer components are mounted in a steel cabin shielded in accordance to the international X-ray safety rules, equipped with lead glass windows, flushing lamps and safety interlocks.

TXRF is a type of Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) in which the X-Ray beam strikes the sample deposited as a thin layer on a carrier at a very small incident angle in order to exploit the excitation enhancement given by the total reflection effect. As far as the sample is thin enough (thin film approximation) the technique’s main strengths are:

  • No matrix effects
  • Simple quantification using internal standard
  • Calibration and quantification independent from any
  • sample matrix

Product description

Horizon is Benchtop EDXRF Spectrometer (TXRF) for multi elemental qualitative and quantitative analyses for major constituents and ultra-trace in suspension as well as liquid samples.

  • Simultaneous multi-element analysis from Na to Pu
  • Confirms to ISO/TS 18507:2015, ISO 20289:2018
  • No matrix effect
  • No matrix-dependent calibration curves
  • Improved detection limits (LOD) down to ng/g or lower
  • Minimum amount of sample
  • Microanalysis capabilities

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  1. Cobus Bester

    Simple and effective design. One of my favorites.

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