Gauging Winders

StarDist – Fully Automated Distillation

StarDist is designed for high performance Fully automated ASTM D86 distillation with Smart heater control algorithms and a user-friendly touch screen interface.
StarDist efficient heating control during different heating phases of the automatic distillation process from IBP to FBP ensures high accuracy and reproducibility, even for blends such as E15 or E20.

  • Built-in function for automatic calculation of cetane index.
  • Accurate temperature measurement and emulation of ASTM 7C/8C mercury thermometer
  • Accurate control of condenser and receiver temperature.
  • Accurate control of 4-5ml/min distillation rate
  • Accurate control of heater during Initial Heating, IBP & FBP
  • Pre-programmed Group limits for auto-programs
  • Distillation test report includes residue, loss-corrected temperature results, custom points, etc.
  • Data export in XML, JSON or PDF

Product description

Orbis StarDist ASTM D86 distillation analyzer – Innovation in distillation testing

Method : ASTM D86, ASTM D1078, ASTM D850, DIN 51751, GOST 2177, IP 195, ISO 3405, JIS K2254

STARDist offers unique features such as Optical Dry Point testingPreScan and fast heater cooling.

  • User-Guided Start – for enforcing method compliance in preparation of sample and test
  • PreScan – to measure actual Charge Volume and Sample Temperature measurement before test starts.
  • Optical Dry Point – Dry point testing without a fragile, inaccurate and expensive probe.
  • VOC Cold Trap – to minimize evaporated loss
  • Method Validation – Real-time validation for method-specified limits.
  • Auto Initial Heat –Fully Automatic & dynamic initial heat settings and heating regulation for unknown products
  • Optimization – Automatic real-time optimization from Start to FBP
  • Flask Installer Design – for always-correct height position of PT-100 probe relative to flask side-arm


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