Closed Sampling Kit

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The sampler is enclosed within winder’s main tube. Vapour and/or gas present above the cargo can escape only through the small gap in the top valve, through which the cable passes. The winder incorporates winding handle which locks the reel automatically as soon as the operator releases the winding knob.

The winder includes a gear-driven depth counter to give the operator a clear indication of the depth of the sampler at all times throughout the sampling process. It also has a built-in emptying system so that the sample can be transferred directly into a collecting bottle without the need to remove the sampler from the winder facilitating speedy transfer of the sample with no mess on the deck.

Product description

ATEX & IECEx approved closed sampling systems. Accommodate 2-6-inch vapour control valves. Sampling Kits take reliable and uncontaminated samples while maintaining operator safety and environmental friendliness.

2 reviews for Closed Sampling Kit

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